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Best Glue for Leather for 2021

Mend clothing; leather; upholstery; home decor + more!


Leather Assist Professional Extra Strong Adhesive Leather Glue Repair for Rips Tears Cuts

Brand: Leather Assist

  • Leather Repair Glue provides you with all the necessary products required to quickly and easily make professional repairs to any damaged leather item, regardless of your level of experience or technical abilities;
  • Repair Handbags, Belts, Jackets, Sofas, Car Interior, Motorcycle Leathers and Watch strap cuts, holes, tears, rips and all other leather surface damage yourself, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new item or calling out a professional.
  • Suitable for all types of leather, vinyl and for patches.
  • Contains: Leather Glue 15ml

Aleene's 15594 4oz Speciality Leather Glue

Brand: Aleene's

  • Aleene's Leather and Suede Glue permanently bonds leather, suede, firnges and beadwork.
  • It dries clear and flexible and is great for repair work.
  • It has a safe non-toxic formula.
  • Model number: 15594

Bostik Leather Adhesive Glue 20 millilitre 381513

Brand: Bostik

  • Bostik Leather Adhesive 20ml - 30803758

Leather Glue - Solvent Based – Professional Strength – Strong, Quick Drying & Very Flexible - Used for Repairing Leather & Vinyl,package may vary

Brand: Furniture Clinic

  • EASY TO USE: For maximum strength, apply to both surfaces, leave for 30 seconds then press and hold together. Leave to dry naturally.
  • QUICK DRYING - Sets naturally in minutes but strengthens over 24 hours.
  • STRONG & FLEXIBLE: It remains flexible once dry and will not turn hard or brittle which means you can repair damage on high use areas and not be worried about the damage splitting open.
  • SUITABLE FOR: Leather Glue SB can be used on all different articles of leather or vinyl, from furniture and car interiors to clothes, shoes, handbags and even equestrian leathers.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our experts are here if you have questions before purchasing and, if after purchasing, you’re not satisfied with the results (we expect you will be), we offer a money back guarantee. We know our product works wonderfully when used correctly.

Loctite 1621078 Super Glue Gel Extra Strong Adhesive for Rubber Leather Wood, 3g

Brand: Loctite

  • Loctite superglue power flex adhesive gel glue 3g tube

The Leather Clinic Leather Glue Repair Kit 15ml | Quick Dry, Strong, Flexible Paste & Repair Patch Included | Fix Tears & Rips in Leather Furniture, Sofas, Car Seats & More

Brand: The Leather Clinic

  • The Leather Clinic products are loved by industry specialists and individuals nationwide. Use our products across a variety of materials to renew the condition of an item or refresh its visual appearance.
  • Our Leather Glue is the cost effective and quick solution to repair and mend rips, tears or holes in any leather item. This easy to use, heat activated glue remains flexible once set – maintaining the leather’s natural look and texture.
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of leather items. Repair sofas, chairs or car seats. Mend worn bags, shoes, leather jackets, saddles, equestrian gear, boots or motorcycle leathers.
  • To use, simply apply the glue adhesive to the affected area. Next, heat up the glue with a hairdryer until dry. This glue makes it so easy to repair any leather item in just minutes.

Gorilla Super Glue 2-in-1 Brush & Nozzle, 12g – All Purpose, Fast Setting, Dual Application with Anti-Clog Cap | Ideal for Metal, Ceramics, Leather & More

Brand: Gorilla

  • DUAL APPLICATION: Gorilla Super Glue Brush & Nozzle provides two-way application
  • IMPACT TOUGH: Formulated for impact resistance and strength
  • FAST SETTING: Dries in 10 - 45 seconds, with no gripping required
  • ANTI-CLOG CAP: Keeps Super Glue from drying out

Leather Glue Repair Adhesive, Leather Strong Adhesive, Leather Adhesive Glue, Leather Strong Glue for Car Seat/Shoes/Handbags/Sofa/Crafts, Durable, Waterproof and Quick-Drying, 30ML

Brand: Ganbaro

  • High Quality Adhesive: Colorless and Transparent, Extremely Fast Cure, Fast Bonding: Glue reaches maximum bond strength within 15-30 seconds. No strong odor after drying.
  • All-Purpose Super Glue: Unique liquid helps penetrate the tiniest of micro-cracks, pores and crevices. 100- 120mPa. Viscosity, -40C~85°C. Working temperature.
  • Strong Bond: Designed for impact resistance and strength. The strong bond won't wear off even after multiple washes. Even if tension is applied to it, it will not lose its durability.
  • Universal Adhesive: Works on a variety of surfaces including metal, leather, cork, ceramic, wood, particle board, paper, cardboard, rubber and most plastics.

Bostik Leather Repair Glue, Extra Strong, Quick Drying, Flexible Bond, Water Resistant, Colour: Clear, 20ml tube

Brand: Bostik

  • An ultra strong, quick drying, water resistant leather adhesive that dries clear
  • Formulated to work on leather, imitation leather and PVC
  • An ideal shoe repair adhesive, also perfect for long lasting, flexible repairs to other leather items including belts and bags
  • Suitable materials: leather, imitation leather, PVC
  • Contents: 1x Bostik Leather Repair Glue, Extra Strong, Quick Drying, Flexible Bond, Water Resistant, Colour: Clear, 20ml tube

Leather Glue 50ml - Polyurethane & Water Based - Easy to Use, Strong & Extremely Flexible - Used for Repairing Leather.

Brand: Furniture Clinic

  • EASY TO USE: Apply the glue to the leather and wipe away any excess. Heat the area with a hairdryer whilst holding both parts together for five minutes.
  • STRONG & FLEXIBLE: Repair damage on high use areas and not be worried about the damage splitting open as the glue will bend and flex with the leather without compromising its strength.
  • SAFE TO USE: This is a water-based glue with excellent adhesion properties.
  • HEAT ACTIVATED: To cure the glue, heat must be applied. This gives you time to manipulate the leather or get your Repair Sub Patch in place before the glue sets.
  • SUITABLE FOR: Leather Glue PU can be used on all types of leather and vinyl. From furniture and car interiors to clothes, shoes, handbags and even equestrian leathers.

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