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Ring Doorbell 2 Review

Ring Doorbell 2 Review 2023

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Sam Neill
Lead Senior Editor (Home & Garden Technolgy & Gadgets)

The Summary

Wireless doorbells have grown in popularity in recent years and offer a range of benefits for homeowners including security and convenience. Depending on the model of video doorbell chosen, they can allow you to see a video feed of who is at your door as well as speak with them through your mobile device. These clever little devices help you to never miss a visitor or delivery again, as you can access them even when you are away from the home. More and more people are choosing to switch their standard doorbells for a wireless doorbell, and they have revolutionised the way we handle visitors. One of the most popular video doorbell models is the Ring Doorbell, but is it really worth considering for your home?

Why we like it 👍
  • Sleek and stylish design will blend beautifully into any home exterior
  • Comes with a wireless doorbell mobile app that is intuitive and easy to use
  • Setting up the Ring Doorbell couldn’t be easier as it has a simple and straightforward process
  • Footage from this video doorbell is decent quality compared to other models
  • Fitted with a reliable motion detection to alert you if someone is outside your home
  • Talkback feature allows you to speak to visitors through the wireless doorbell even if you are not at home
  • Can be linked to selected Alexa devices, including the Amazon Fire Stick to show the video doorbell feed on your TV
Why we don't like it 👎
  • This wireless doorbell lacks security outside the home and could be easily stolen if not properly secured
  • Unlike other video doorbell models, the Ring Doorbell has no additional ring tone options
  • Cloud storage is available for video footage but only one month of storage is included as standard


The Ring Doorbell is a popular choice when it comes to video doorbells and provides homeowners with additional security through a range of clever features. Currently priced at less than £100, it is also a reasonably priced option for a wireless doorbell.


The Ring Doorbell conveniently comes with everything you need to fit it to your home, including screws, Rawlplugs, a mini spirit level, a two ended screwdriver, and a masonry drill bit in the correct size. All you need is a drill to create the holes, making this the ideal wireless doorbell for those with a limited toolkit at home. Installing this video doorbell is straightforward and if you have an existing powered doorbell this can also be used. If you don’t run power directly to the Ring Doorbell, you also have the option to remove it and charge it up every few weeks. The wireless doorbell can be removed for charging by undoing the two screws and sliding off, which also leaves it vulnerable to thieves. Ring have realised this potential issue and offer free replacements for any stolen doorbells.


Ease Of Use

One of the main reasons the Ring Doorbell is so popular is that it is so easy to use. The Ring app that works with the video doorbell is simple to navigate and very intuitive for users. The app can provide notifications every time someone rings the bell or when motion is detected, and you can then choose to speak back to your visitor if you want to. The footage is high quality at 720p and provides a wide field of view.


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