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Philips Lumea Review

Philips Lumea Review 2023

This review has been written by:
Rachel Simms
Senior Editor (Health & Beauty Technolgy & Gadgets)

The Summary

Hair removal is one of those ongoing inconveniences that many people struggle with on a regular basis. From shaving, to waxing or laser hair removal, we are always looking for the easiest option when it comes to keeping ourselves hair-free. Home laser hair removal has taken the industry by storm and hair removal devices have grown in popularity in recent years. One well-known home laser hair removal product is the Philips Lumea. If you are wondering if the Philips Lumea is worth your investment, then read on for our tried and tested review.

Why we like it 👍
  • These home laser hair removal devices offer both cordless and corded options for easy use anywhere
  • It is very convenient and easy to use on any area of the body, with handy features such as curved flash windows
  • As hair removal devices go, the Philips Lumea has a long lamp time which can last for over 15 years of use
  • The results are impressive and offer long-lasting, smooth skin after 4 to 5 sessions every fortnight
  • Comfortable to use thanks to the ergonomic gun shape of this home laser hair removal device
  • SmartSkin sensor can recommend the best setting for your unique skin tone to help achieve the best results
Why we don't like it 👎
  • As hair removal devices go, the Philips Lumea is at the more expensive end of the scale
  • It can be quite heavy to use for long periods of time
  • The battery life when using as a cordless device is limited and requires frequent charging
  • When used cordless it is slower to use as it emits the light pulses at a lower rate than when using the mains


The Philips Lumea is no small investment, but the hefty price tag could well be worthwhile when you can save hours on hair removal. It is comparatively cheaper than undergoing hair removal in a salon, and whilst the results might not be as extreme, they are still quite impressive for a home laser hair removal device. There are many reasons why you might consider the Philips Lumea over other hair removal devices.


The Philips Lumea boasts a sleek and stylish design, with the comfortable to use gun shape combined with an on-trend rose gold tone. It comes with various attachments for use on underarm, face, bikini line and body, and all these attachments and the device itself fit into the included travel pouch.

Usage And Durability

Whilst the Philips Lumea might be a big investment, it is one that should last a long time thanks to the 250,000 flashes that can cover 1,025,000cm². That is enough to cover over 200 full body hair removal treatments and the equivalent of more than 15 years of monthly use. This 15 year lifespan is above and beyond what is available from other hair removal devices, and of course depends on your personal usage and how well the device is cared for.


The most important aspect of any home laser hair removal product is how effective it is and the results it gives. The Philips Lumea tops the charts by guaranteeing a 93% reduction in hair after only 3 treatments. You can enjoy up to 8 weeks hair free after a full treatment, and these incredible results are all thanks to Philips only using the highest quality lamps.

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