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Inofia Mattress Review

Premium Mid-Range Rolled Mattress

Inofia Mattress Review 2023

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Rachel Simms
Senior Editor (Furniture & Mattresses Home & Garden)

The Summary

Sleep is one of the most important activities, as it helps us regain the strength much needed to face a new day and new challenges. However, often people are found sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation usually occurs due to some instability in physical and mental factors, but thousands of people also face difficulty sleeping due to unsuitable surfaces.

What you’re sleeping on doesn’t just impact the quality of sleep, but it also determines how you’ll feel after waking up. A person may suffer from pain in the back, neck, or hand if he or she sleeps on an unsuitable surface.

This is why it’s very important to choose the right mattress for yourself. While some people can do with hard mattresses, others may require soft ones. In this Inofia mattress review, we’ll look at a product that provides both, and lots of other features! So, let’s get started, shall we?


Inofia Mattress Review:

The Inofia mattress is definitely a premium mattress. What makes this mattress so amazing is its features, and we’ll go over all of them in this Inofia mattress review.

The first feature that you’ll notice right away is the versatility of this mattress. The mattress offers both hard and soft surfaces, and all you have to do to enjoy that is flip the mattress. We found this extremely convenient for the people who enjoy a change in the surface. With this mattress, you’ll find no trouble sleeping, whether you are an abdomen, back, or side position sleeper.

The charcoal layer of the mattress features a firm layer. If you’re looking for a tough and hard surface, this is the surface you’ll want to flip to. On the other hand, the white layer comes with RENERGY foam. RENERGY foam is the latest innovation in memory foam, and it can take the shape of your body to provide a plush and comfortable feeling.

Are you one of them who hates it when their mattresses get heated? If the answer is yes, the Inofia mattress won’t disappoint you. This mattress comes with high ventilation, and the heat dissipation rate is very surprising. You can say goodbye to unbearable heat with the Inofia mattress!

The Inofia mattress comes with a seven-zone design for providing a world-class experience. In this Inofia mattress review, we’ll talk about the layers in detail.

The first layer of foam situated right below the cover features high elasticity. Due to the elasticity, the pressure of any object gets distributed evenly on the surface. Because of this feature, pressure won’t become focused on a particular portion of your body, saving you from pain. Then again, this layer keeps the mattress stable, which makes it a great choice for couples.

The next two layers are high-density foams. The second layer is a bit thinner, and it acts as a support for the upper elastic layer. The third layer is much thicker than the second layer, and as a result, it’s firmer than the second layer. This layer is designed to keep the mattress balanced.

The high-density layers are followed by a fabric layer. This layer isn’t woven and acts as a permeable layer between the spring layer and the foam layers. Due to the air permeability, mold won’t form inside the mattress.

Then comes the sterile layer. This layer controls the upward force of the springs to keep them consistent. Then there are the pocketed springs. Unlike traditional ones, these springs can move independently, which will prevent any sort of squeaks that we usually face in the traditional ones. The springs are designed in a way to align perfectly with each of the body zones. This provides added comfort. Finally, there’s the layer on which the springs are set.

The top foam layer is covered with a quilted covering. This cover is designed to be permeable, and it does a great job at heat dissipation as well. Plus, the covering is made with materials that people aren’t usually allergic to.

Product Design and Quality:

The Inofia mattress comes with a standard design blending grey and white. The mattress looks good on its own, but it’s recommended to use mattress covers or bedsheets to keep it safe. The cover provided with the mattress can be removed by unzipping it and can be machine washed. This makes the cleaning process extremely easy, and it’s a big plus for those who suffer from allergies.

The Inofia mattress can be acquired in two sizes, 135 x 190cm and 180 x 200cm. The quality and build of the mattress are top-notch, and we’re sure that it’ll last for a long time. Another thing that amazed us is the packaging that the mattress comes in. The mattress is vacuum packaged from the company, and you’ll receive it in a fresh state.

Product Features:

  • Offers both hard and soft surfaces
  • Available in two sizes
  • Offers seven layers for better stability and comfort
  • Breathable fabric and foam prevent mold
  • Heat dissipating
  • Removable cover that can be machine washed


The Inofia double memory foam mattress is a great product if you’re looking forward to making your bed more comfortable. The feature providing both hard and soft surfaces provides versatility. The soft surface can adapt to body pressure, which makes it super comfortable.

One major feature is the heat dissipation. It does a great job at dispersing heat, and the foams ventilate trapped air too. The best part is that this mattress will provide you amazing features, and a premium feel at a mid-range. This isn’t dirt cheap, but the price is very reasonable, and taking it would be a no-brainer. We highly recommend the Inofia Double Memory Foam Mattress to anyone seeking comfort and a night of pain-free sleep.


The mattress we sleep on determines how we’ll spend the next day, which makes it so important to pick a mattress after thorough scrutiny. However, you can pick the Inofia mattress without spending time researching, as this mattress will provide everything you need. With that, we’d like to conclude our Inofia mattress review. Hopefully, it could provide the details you were looking for.

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