How to Lose Your Dream Job in 5 Miniutes

How to Lose Your Dream Job in 5 Miniutes

Historically, a good C.V and relevant experience are the only requirements that are enough to land the job role of your dreams.  However, employers are increasingly turning to the likes of social media whilst conducting an analysis of a candidate’s personality in order to recruit the best person for the role.

The chance to bag yourself your dream job can be a once in a lifetime opportunity however, it can take as little as 5 minutes to lose the chance altogether.  Here, presents 5 actions and situations that can result in losing a job in 5 minutes.

The perils of too much (and to little) eye contact

Standard job interview advice is to maintain good eye contact.  Staring off into the distance can not only come off as rude but also portray a lack of interest and a shyness that may serve as a hindrance within the role.  However, ensure that all eye contact is natural and friendly.  Too much eye contact that can be construed as staring is incredibly off putting and lead to the assumption that the person lacks self-awareness.

Your private account is not that private

Insta VS Reality can lead recruiters to gather a false impression of candidates.  If you like to portray yourself as a socialite on your social media channels, ensure that all your privacy settings are up to date…including those that showcase images you are tagged in.  It is also worth reading the terms and conditions on BOTH desktop and mobile as they sometimes vary.

It is also worth remembering that even if your account is on lockdown, hashtags are not private.  Therefore, if there are images of you at that drunken wedding with the events hashtag, you may want to hit delete altogether.

Tired eyes

Not only does a lack of sleep effect our functionality, it can also affect our eyes.  Studies have found that the eyes require at least 5 hours of sleep in order to function to their full potential.   The neurological effects of a sleepless night can result in blurred vision.  In extreme cases, little sleep can cause the blood vessels in the eye to burst due to a person straining the eye.

Myokymia is the name given to the involuntary twitching of the eye which is often caused by a lack of sleep.  Some eye twitching can last a matter of seconds whereas others can be up to several hours.  Temporary twitching of the eye is often nothing serious and the simplest way to solve it is to gain adequate sleep and stay away from caffeine.

Ensure that you obtain adequate sleep the night before a big event.  Your eyes really will showcase a lack of sleep and tiredness.  Clear signs of tiredness is an indication of unprofessionalism and carelessness.

Hi bestie’

Whether it is a job interview or your first day in a new office, do not be over familiar.  Divulging the details of your weekend’s antics, asking questions about a person’s personal life and being overly relaxed is a sure-fire way to build barriers between you and your new opportunity.  Portraying a stance that can be perceived as overbearing is incredibly off putting and people tend to buy into people.  Keep it professional and stick to pleasant conversation that is not intrusive.

Listen up

Engaging in eye contact serves as an indication that a person is listening and engaged.  Talking and building a meaningful conversation is essential in landing your dream role however, listening is vital.  Do not build an agenda and then rigidly stick to it.  Listen and keep the conversation even.

This blog has been written by:
Rachel Simms
Senior Editor (Blog)

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