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How Does A Smart Plug Work?

How Does A Smart Plug Work? Get to know before you buy!

How Does A Smart Plug Work?

Smart plugs are a great way to upgrade your home into a smart home. They are an affordable starting point for those that are just starting to delve into the world of smart technology. Transitioning your home to a fully automated smart home can be overwhelming and if you don’t own a smart home hub, a smart plug can easily be the perfect solution, turning any device into a smart device. If you would like to know what a smart plug is and how they could benefit your home, then read on for our expert guide.

What Is A Smart Plug?

A smart plug is an electronic power receptacle that plugs into your traditional power outlet, integrating it into your smart home network. Allowing you to control the device that you have plugged in, via your voice or a free app that you can install.

Change the nature of a standard wall outlet by simply plugging in your smart plug, turning your regular appliance into a smart one. Install the free app that is provided onto your device and you are good to go; From your app you will be able to control any appliance that is plugged into your smart plug.

If you decide to go hands free, a schedule can be created so that lamps or any other appliances that you have plugged in to your Smart plug will be turned on or off at selected times; This is especially useful if you are away for long periods of time, making it look like someone is at home and warning off any potential intruders with improved home security.

Many smart plugs are compatible with home hubs that you may already have, allowing voice control and enabling you to turn appliances on or off.

What Does A Smart Plug Do?

Apart from turning your average everyday plug into smart plug and any appliance that is plugged into a smart device. There are a few more reasons to choose a smart plug;

  • Home network connectivity: Most new smart plugs such as the Phillips Hue Smart plug work with existing devices and home hub networks, allowing your devices to communicate and work with each other within your home
  • Security: With a schedule that you can set with ease via your hand-held device or with voice activation, if you own a smart home hub and depending on the number of smart plugs owned; you can have multiple devices such as lamps, radios or TVs scheduled at certain times to mimic your day to day activities, giving the illusion that you are at home, putting off any would-be potential intruders.
  • Economic: Smart plugs are not only good for the environment they are also good for your wallet. Smart plugs can help you identify any appliances within your home that use excess energy when not in use, helping you cut down your electricity bill.
  • Easy to use: With voice activation, schedules and the use of Bluetooth, it has never been easier to manage devices in your home.
  • Smart Addition: A smart plug is an easy to install, unobtrusive and inexpensive addition to update your home. Being small and discrete a smart plug will blend into any existing décor.

Are There Any Downsides To Owning A Smart Plug?

Most devices can be used with a smart plug however it is not recommended to use power strips and additional extension cables. There are multi socket smart plugs available to buy if you wish to plug in more than one device at once.

Not all Smart plugs are designed for outdoor use; if you wish to control porch lights, weather resistant outdoor smart plugs are recommended.

Which Smart Plug Should You Choose?

The Phillips Hue Smart plug is an inexpensive starting point for those starting out in the smart home world. Being easy to use and install, you do not need a home hub to use this smart plug. If you own a home hub or are looking to buy one, the Phillips Hue Smart Plug works with devices that have Alexa or Google Assistant installed. The Phillips Hue Smart Plug will blend seamlessly into any home, making this smart plug an absolute ideal purchase.


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