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Gousto Recipe Box Review

Our Review of’s Recipe Box Subscription Service

Gousto Recipe Box Review

You can’t have takeaway every day of your life. At least, you can’t if you want to save money and be relatively healthy. Homecooked meals have better health benefits and nutrition than those cooked at restaurants, even if it’s a similar recipe!
But cooking at home involves knowing what to make, buying those things at the shops, and making sure no one eats/uses them before it’s time to cook.
Honestly, it’s exhausting – especially when there are 1000 other things going on. So why not make your life easier with Gousto Recipe Box?
It’s the perfect middle ground between getting take away all the time and spending hours planning meals before going to the shops.
All you do is logon to the website every week, pick the meals you like, and then sit back as those ingredients are shipped to your door. From there you unpack the box, load everything into the fridge, and cook things when you’re ready.

Why Is Cooking At Home with Gousto Healthier?

Studies have shown that people who cook and eat the majority of their meals at home are healthier, on average than those that go out to eat. Not only do they consume fewer calories overall, but people who eat at home tend to make better choices when they do choose to eat out.
Want to see the proof? A study by Public Health Nutrition found that people who cook at home more often eat 150 fewer kcals, 3 fewer grams of fat, and 16 fewer grams of sugar a day than those that ate out.

How is that possible?

Well, restaurant meals are often made with large amounts of oils, fats, and sugars (there’s hidden sugar in more things than you realize). And even if you’re going to a restaurant that lists the meal nutrition online, that’s only an estimate – each chef cooks things a bit differently.
Eating at home gives you more control over ingredients. Watching your weight? You can pick meals that are formulated with fewer calories.
Prefer to use plant-based milk instead of dairy products? You’re welcome to make those substitutions while you’re cooking, though the site has vegan and vegetarian meals you can order as well.
Want to eat more vegetables? Great – Gousto’s menu chooser shows you how many servings of vegetables are in each meal. Tell your sad, droopy, restaurant side of bland broccoli that.

Gousto is Cheaper than a Meal Out!

While a family of four can easily spend 50 pounds on one casual dinner out, a Gousto box can feed four people four meals for less 47.75 pounds a week.
That’s four meals for less than the cost of one dinner out! And the one thing we love about Gousto (as opposed to planning your meals and going to the shops) is that your box will come with only what you need for your meals.
That means no more wasting money on that extra chocolate bar, that bread you know you shouldn’t indulge in, and whatever else you end up buying that was not on your list.

They Have A Large Range of Options Every Week

If you look on Gousto’s website right now, they have over 50 recipes you can “add to box”. Now, some of those recipes aren’t always going to fit your needs (ie, they’re not all vegan/vegetarian/low calorie) but you’ll easily be able to find four recipes you love each week.
Have picky eaters and are afraid you’ll end up choosing the same things over and over? Not going to happen. Gousto changes its menu offerings to fit seasonal vegetables and culinary trends. There are new recipes added into the rotation every week!
Other recipe boxes have half the amount of choices Gousto does – if that!

It Saves Loads of Time

Now, you’ll still have to go to the shops for basics, but you’ll spend a lot less time there than you would if you were shopping for everything at once.
Depending on what your family eats for breakfast and lunch, you may even be able to order those groceries off Amazon or to your door, so you can cancel out your trip to the grocery altogether.
Still in a rush, even though it only takes you 10 minutes a week to plan family dinners? Don’t worry – Gusto has Lean-in-15 meals and even 10-minute meal options for the busy mum on the go.
And to make it even more appealing, Joe Wicks is behind the Lean-in-15 recipes, so you won’t only be feeling healthy, you can brag to your mates that you’re following his diet!
We haven’t tried their lean options yet, but everyone who has had said they’re delicious and quick – so they deliver on all accounts.

Why we like it:

  • Large Range of Options Every Week
  • Simple to follow recipe cards
  • Weekly deliveries
  • Tasty food
  • Quality veg & meat
  • Options for free from, veggies, vegans & healthly options

What we don’t like:

  • Too much plastic
  • Not the cheapest way to shop
  • Soon to expire meat and veg so use quickly

Sign Up Discounts

Because Gousto wants you to try their service, you’ll get a discount off your first box by using this link.

They know you’ll love them once you’ve given their delicious meals a try. And don’t worry – if you’re going on holiday or don’t feel like cooking for a week, pausing your subscription is as easy as logging into your account and pushing one button.

No awkward “are you sure?” customer service phone calls required!

The Good on Gousto

We love Gousto’s Recipe Box Subscription service and the trend is spreading all around the office. Once you’ve started getting everything you need delivered to your door in one package, it’s hard to go back to the way things were.
Do yourself a favour and order the Gousto Recipe Box, today!

This blog has been written by:
Rachel Simms
Senior Editor (Food & Drink Home & Garden Subscriptions)

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