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Fitbit Surge Review

Fitbit Surge Review 2021

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John Taylor
Lead Editor (Fitness Trackers Sports & Outdoors Technolgy & Gadgets)

The Summary

The Fitbit Surge is the fitness tracker for fitness enthusiasts. With a built-in heart rate monitor and activity tracker, combined with Fitbit’s tracker app, it makes for a great addition to any athlete’s gear. It is at the higher end of the fitness tracker market, with the price tag to match, making the Fitbit Surge less feasible for the casual user. Serious fitness nuts will find the investment well worthwhile, thanks to the built-in GPS and real-time workout data.

Why we like it 👍
  • Large touch screen display which offers easy swiping through a range of fitness stats
  • Built-in GPS tracking for mapping routes, ideal for running and cycling
  • Heart rate monitor as well as seven additional sensors for advanced fitness statistics
  • Available in Black, Blue or Tangerine
  • Multi-sport recording including running, cross-training, weight workouts, cardio, cycling, hiking and more
  • Automated sleep tracking which measures the duration and quality of sleep
  • Phone syncing to allow incoming call alerts, text message and music control
Why we don't like it 👎
  • Chunky watch design and not as sleek as other fitness trackers
  • Bland touchscreen display with minimal options for personalisation
  • Water resistant but not waterproof, meaning no swim tracking
  • Occasional unreliable heart rate and step tracking making stats not completely accurate
  • Weaker battery life compared to other fitness tracker alternatives
  • Limited push notifications with no support for third party apps or email clients


The Fitbit Surge has been designed with the fitness enthusiast in mind, and it shows. The award-winning fitness tracker might be slightly pricier than some other Fitbit models, but the additional features make it clear to see why. We’ve taken a detailed look into the Fitbit Surge to give you our honest opinion:

Smart Fitness Tracking:

Fitbit have finally realised that not every workout is going to be planned and prepared, and the Fitbit Surge focuses on tracking and motivating you to stay active all day long. It’s advanced tracking sensors can automatically detect any form exercise and will record everything from a dog walk to leg day in the gym. There is no need to tell the Fitbit Surge you are going to start a workout or commit to one particular exercise; just do any activity you please and it will track away in the background.

Design And Screen Display:

The Fitbit Surge has a noticeably larger screen than many other fitness trackers. The larger display makes it easy to swipe through the various stats available and the backlit, always-on screen means you can keep a close eye on your steps, heart rate and active minutes. The 1.25inch screen does mean a bulkier design that is similar to that of an ‘80s digital watch.

Advanced Sleep Tracking:

Fitbit have improved their focus on sleep tracking recently, with the realisation that sleep quality is just as important as daily activities. The Fitbit Surge can help track not only the quantity of sleep like many other fitness watches, but also the overall quality. It has automatic sleep detection that will monitor the duration of your sleep as well as your sleep patterns. A full sleep overview can be seen in the Fitbit tracker app on iOS or Android and gives a breakdown of easy to understand graphs.

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