Ditch the traditional commute and cycle to the office

Ditch the traditional commute and cycle to the office

As the heatwave continues, many commuters are tackling the rising temperatures on public transport along with delays and a bag full of work to take home.  This inevitably has a direct impact on a person’s productivity and overall general wellbeing.

As 741,000 people ditch the traditional commute in favour of more creative ways to get to the office, is a more comfortable journey really the only reason the people of the UK are ditching public transport?

Save your coins

The average Londoner devotes £387 each month on their commute.  Subsequently, many are purchasing bikes with the view that it is an investment whilst taking advantage of their workplaces cycle to work scheme.

Electric bikes see that you can cycle to work and not worry about it being too strenuous as it will take half the effort of a traditional bicycle.

Time saver

As well as beating the traffic and delays of the underground, cycling to work also means that you have contributed to your workout for the day.   As we spend more and more time in the office, time in the gym can become a rarity.  Cycling to work can mean that you have made it to the office and committed to some cardio, perfect for the time poor!

Increase your productivity

Fearful that you may be too tired once you have cycled to the workplace?  No need to worry.   Stepping up your game on your commute can also mean that you are more productive in the work place.  Exercise increases cognitive function as well as increases concentration.  Exercising before work is known to increase your productivity in the workplace and sees that tasks are completed efficiently.

Say goodbye to Monday blues

Cycling to work improves your mood and can make you happier in the workplace overall.  It can serve as a form of therapy and studies have even found that daily exercise can reduce stress and anxiety as well as boost confidence.


No traffic jams, delays or looking for parking, plus the added bonus of riding straight to the office door.

This blog has been written by:
Sam Neill
Lead Senior Editor (Blog)

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